URGA prêt-à-teindre 01

50% merino • 50% down of yak from Arkhangai • undyed • 100g raw unbleached skein • not defatted • not softened



  • Composition : 50% merino • 50% down of yak from Arkhangai
  • Recommended needles : 4
  • Titration : 100g = 250m ±
  • Sweater Size 40 Woman : 6 skeins ±
  • Gauge 10cm x 10cm : 19 Stitches x 32 Rows
  • Conditioning : 100 g skein
  • Uses :
    Ready-to-dye yarn • Winter yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Weaving • Punch-needle • Tufting • Tapestry • Canvas • Exotic fiber • Fair trade • Traced • Ecologic • Ethical • Treatment-free
  • Type of Knitting : DK
  • Metric Number : 3 • 7.500
  • Spinning Mode : Carded yarn
  • Product Code : URGA-100G_T0001
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Close cousin on one side of GENGIS KHAN 2 prêt-à-teindre and GENGIS KHAN 3 prêt-à-teindre and on the other side of MONGOLIA 3 prêt-à-teindre and MONGOLIA 5 prêt-à-teindre, URGA prêt-à-teindre ("ready-to-dye") is a carded natural yarn, without dye, from a blend of 50% yak down and 50% superfine merino sheep wool (19 microns). Yak down is harvested by breeders in Mongolia, members of the "Khangai Mountains Breeders Cooperative", an eco-responsible and fair trade local organisation set up by Fonty in Mongolia with the technical support of AVSF (Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders). The yaks are combed in the spring by Mongolian herders, and after sorting, a little less than 100g of down per animal and per year are harvested and transformed into yarn by Fonty.

Merino wool is off-white while yak down is grey, brown or dark brown. By mixing them in different proportions we obtain natural colors with incredible reflections. URGA prêt-à-teindre exists in 3 natural colors: URGA prêt-à-teindre 01 (pale grey) presented here, URGA prêt-à-teindre 02 (medium grey), and URGA prêt-à-teindre 03 (dark grey).

Yarn made up of 3 strands, URGA prêt-à-teindre has an exceptional feel; it is particularly warm and resistant; it is knitted with needles # 4. It is recommended to wash URGA prêt-à-teindre by hand, if possible with organic natural soap, without spinning, with drying flat. Like all yak fibres, URGA prêt-à-teindre yarn has the particularity of softening with successive washes. URGA prêt-à-teindre also exists in the form of a 50g ball, degreased, softened, in the range URGA.

The 100g yarn skein of URGA prêt-à-teindre 01 is proposed non-degreased, non-softened, non-vaporized. If you would like those processings to be carried out in addition, please contact us.

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In order to receive the latest color chart for the yarn URGA, please order the URGA COLOR CHART here.