20 knitting models to explore fibres, yarns and stitches • Erika Knight • Editions Eyrolles



  • Title : TEXTURE
  • Author : Erika Knight
  • Editor : Eyrolles
  • Collection : Eyrolles
  • Publication year : 2021
  • ISBN : 978-2-416-00159-8
  • Nouveauté :
  • Short Description : 20 knitting models to explore fibres,yarns and stitches • Erika Knight • Editions Eyrolles
  • Techniques used : Knitting
  • Employed Yarns : Fonty yarns and other yarns
  • Language : French
  • Nb of pages : 192
  • Dimensions : 19,7 x 24,6 cm
  • Weight : 840 g
  • Binding : Paperback
  • Product Code : LIVR_EKNI-EY233
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Texture ! A book at the end available in French, translated from the essential book by Erika Knight.
20 superb knitting patterns (19 women's patterns from S to XL and 1 men's pattern from S to XXL), inspired by the patterns and textures of urban or natural landscapes. Vests, sweaters, tops, dresses, gloves, coats, scarves... A collection of clothing and accessories that stands out, in a haute-couture spirit. The patterns are designed to embrace texture and allow the pace to be slowed down, letting yourself be carried away by the creative process of knitting.

The intention is simple: to create recipes for slow wear – knitted pieces who have followed us through the years – and offer thoughtful, timeless and fashionable patterns to contemporary designers.

Renowned English knitting and crochet pattern designer, outstanding innovator, author many books, Erika Knight created her own collection of yarns in 2012, almost exclusively made in Yorkshire.

For the French version of her book, Erika Knight wanted to update it and insert a table correspondence between the original yarns used and the qualities of knitting wools from the Fonty collection, thus making it possible to make these models with wools available in many haberdasheries.