POLE prêt-à-teindre

30% baby alpaca • 70% wool • 100g raw unbleached skein • not defatted • not softened



  • Composition : 30% baby alpaca • 70% wool
  • Recommended needles : 7 • 8
  • Titration : 100g = 100m ±
  • Sweater Size 40 Woman : 8 skeins ±
  • Gauge 10cm x 10cm : 12 Stitches x 16 Rows
  • Conditioning : 100 g skein
  • Uses :
    Ready-to-dye yarn • Winter yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Weaving • Punch-needle • Tufting • Tapestry • Canvas • Exotic fiber
  • Type of Knitting : Chunky • Bulky
  • Metric Number : 3 • 3.000
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Product Code : POLE-100G
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POLE prêt-à-teindre ("ready-to-dye") is a yarn made from a blend of 70% wool and 30% Baby Alpaca fibres. The latter come from selected farms in the Andean altiplano, Peru and Bolivia.

POLE prêt-à-teindre is a thick yarn with a remarkably soft touch thanks to the qualities of the intimate blend of these two exceptional fibres. It is formed by 3 slightly twisted strands and is knitted with needles # 7 to 8. POLE prêt-à-teindre is the elder brother of POLAIRE prêt-à-teindre. These two yarns are ideally suited to warm, soft and fluffy works for winter. The alpaca which makes this yarn extremely soft requires hand washing, if possible with organic natural soap, without spinning. It is also recommended to dry flat.

POLE prêt-à-teindre also exists in a dyed version, in the form of a 50g ball, in the range POLE .

The 100g yarn skein of POLE prêt-à-teindre is proposed non-degreased, non-softened, non-vaporized. If you would like those processings to be carried out in addition, please contact us.

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In order to receive the latest color chart for the yarn POLE, please order the POLE COLOR CHART here.