ZÉPHIR Yarn Color Chart



  • # pages : 2
  • Composition : 100% natural wool
  • color chart : 46 colors
  • Uses :
    1/2 season yarn • Winter yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Weaving • Embroidery • Sewing • Tapestry • Canvas • Layette
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Dye Type : Dyed yarn
  • Washing method : Hand wash
  • Product Code : GAMM-ZEPH
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This color chart presents the full up-to-date color range of the yarn ZÉPHIR.

ZÉPHIR is a yarn as light as the breeze, made of 100% natural wool 25 microns, and which is knitted with needles # 1.5 to 2.5. It is very fine, very soft, extremely fluid and solid, and is suitable for both machine lace knitting and very precise hand lace knitting. It comes in a 250g cone and is also perfect for weaving, or for embroidery, tapestry, sewing or canvas work.

Used alone as a single yarn, assembled as a double yarn or with another yarn (for instance OMBELLE or KIDOPALE), ZÉPHIR is strong, soft and structured. Its range of colors is rich and wide, and corresponds to the main colors used in classic embroidery. ZÉPHIR is a 2-ply yarn, which should be washed by hand, with Marseille soap, without spinning, and dried flat.

The pages of this color chart are manually handcrafted by the team.

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