MOUSTACHE Yarn Color Chart



  • # pages : 1
  • Composition : 30% super kid mohair • 20% silk • 50% fine merino
  • color chart : 23 colors
  • Uses :
    Summer yarn • 1/2 season yarn • Winter yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Punch-needle • Tufting • Effect yarn • Exotic fiber
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Dye Type : Dyed yarn
  • Washing method : Hand wash
  • Product Code : GAMM-MOUS
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This color chart presents the full up-to-date color range of the yarn MOUSTACHE.

MOUSTACHE is the latest addition to the family of mohair yarns in the Fonty range consisting of OMBELLE - < a href="" xlink="href">KIDOPALE - BLING-BLING - and MOUSTACHE. Entirely natural, it consists of a precious blend of three exceptional fleeces. The 30% of super kid mohair fibres bring this vaporous, cloudy and fuzzy aspect typical of mohair yarns. The 20% of silk adds qualities of resistance and elasticity of silk with its shiny and regular finish. The extra-fine merino fibre completes the set by giving it its swelling, its volume and its softness. The super kid mohair fibre is harvested from the youngest goats of the so-called "angora" breed, historically of Caucasian origin, today mostly raised in the highlands of South Africa, even if high quality breedings have been developing in France for several years.

MOUSTACHE can be knitted alone or doubled. When knitted alone, MOUSTACHE is recommended for needle # 3.5 to 4. The range of MOUSTACHE colors is oriented towards soft and warm tones of ochres and pastels.

MOUSTACHE should preferably be washed by hand, with mild soap (Marseille soap, organic if possible), without spinning, drying flat.

The pages of this color chart are manually handcrafted by the team.

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