MÉRICO Yarn Color Chart



  • # pages : 1
  • Composition : 50% merino • 50% cotton
  • color chart : 16 colors
  • Uses :
    Summer yarn • 1/2 season yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Weaving • Tufting • Tapestry • Canvas • Layette
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Dye Type : Dyed yarn
  • Washing method : Hand wash
  • Product Code : GAMM-MERI
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This color chart presents the full up-to-date color range of the yarn MÉRICO.

The MÉRICO yarn is made from an intimate and balanced blend of 50% merino wool and 50% cotton fibres. It combines the feel and bulk of merino wool with the lightness, elasticity and strength of cotton. This 5-ply yarn is knitted with needles # 2.5 to 3. The dyeing processes for animal and vegetal fibres are very different, each color and the result of a double dye.

MÉRICO's range of colors is lively, fresh and joyful, spring-like and colourful, it adapts particularly well to the fashion of children and young people. MÉRICO yarn is a great success in terms of softness, finesse and elasticity. It is preferably washed by hand, with organic soap, with or without softener, without spinning, drying flat.

The pages of this color chart are manually handcrafted by the team.

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