MERLIN prêt-à-teindre

100% pure linen • 100g raw unbleached skein • not defatted • not softened



  • Composition : 100% pure linen
  • Recommended needles : 2 • 2,5
  • Titration : 100g = 750m ±
  • Sweater Size 40 Woman : 5 skeins ±
  • Gauge 10cm x 10cm : Not applicable
  • Conditioning : 100 g skein
  • Uses :
    Ready-to-dye yarn • Summer yarn • 1/2 season yarn • Knitting • Crochet • Weaving • Embroidery • Sewing • Canvas • Vegetal fiber • Ecologic
  • Type of Knitting : Fingering • Sock
  • Metric Number : 2 • 15.000
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Product Code : MERL-100G
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MERLIN prêt-à-teindre ("ready-to-dye") is a very fine yarn, made from 100% natural linen fibre, and very resistant. In addition to its natural appearance and its properties of resistance and longevity, this natural fibre grown in the North West of France also has remarkable health properties. It is a light and elegant yarn, pleasant to wear, very suitable for light summer knits. MERLIN prêt-à-teindre is also very popular with weavers and upholsterers. MERLIN prêt-à-teindre is a two-ply assembly that is knitted with needles # 2 to 2.5.

This yarn also exists in a dyed version, either in a 250g cone in the MERLIN, or in a 25g spool in the range MERLIN BOBINEAU.

MERLIN prêt-à-teindre can be machine washed (cotton program 30/40°) with or without softener, without spinning and if possible, drying flat.

The 100g yarn skein of MERLIN prêt-à-teindre is proposed non-degreased, non-softened, non-vaporized. If you would like those processings to be carried out in addition, please contact us.

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In order to receive the latest color chart for the yarn MERLIN et MERLIN BOBINEAU, please order the MERLIN COLOR CHART here.