Kit of Interch. Metal Points • TWIST MINI • Points Size 1.5 to 2.5 in 13cm • Cable Diam. MINI • Chiaogoo




  • Short Description : Kit of Interch. Metal Points • TWIST MINI • Points Size 1.5 to 2.5 in 13cm • Cable Diam. MINI • Chiaogoo
  • needle type : interchangeable circular needle
  • Needle sizes (mm) : 1.5 • 1.75 • 2 • 2.25 • 2.5
  • Length : 13cm
  • Material : Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Finishing : Satin
  • Recommended for :
    Small-diameter articles (socks,baby clothes,etc.)
  • Conditioning : 1 full set
  • Comment :
    Some sizes and references in the manufacturer catalog are not referenced here. To order them,please contact us directly.
  • Nouveauté : new accessory
  • Product Code : CHIA-ITSS-L13-M
  • Brand : Chiaogoo
  • Ref. maker : Chiaogoo 7500-M
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This set includes:
- 5 pairs of 13 cm LACE interchangeable needles in the sizes 1.5 • 1.75 • 2 • 2.25 • 2.5
- 3 MINI diameter cables in 35, 55 and 75 cm (for assemblies 60, 80 and 100cm)
- 6 stitch markers
- a mini needle gauge
- 2 tightening keys
- 2 cable connectors
- 2 cable stoppers
- 1 grip heart
- 1 storage box for accessories
- A 17x13cm black mesh fabric storage pouch with an outside pocket for accessories and a numbered needle sorter.

The RED LACE interchangeable circular needles from Chiaogoo are composed of two tips made from very high quality stainless steel, used for surgical tools. The satin finish of the tips and their anti-reflective treatment combined with their lightness and solidity ensure softness to the touch, manual comfort and incomparable knitting precision.

The RED cable, made of flexible drawn steel strands is covered with long life red nylon, which allows a perfect glide.

The CNC machined connection system offers a perfect connection between your RED LACE interchangeable needles and your RED cables: goodbye to snags linked to the tip-cable discontinuity, no more exasperating twisting of the cable, get rid of bends then breaks in the cable at the joint with the tip, because the "memory" effect no longer exists with RED technology.

The size of the needle, laser engraved on each needle and each cable is indelible.

The choice of these materials and the quality of the finishes have made the success of these interchangeable circular needles TWIST.

Other kits (other needle sizes, or other needle lengths) are also available.