AUBUSSON prêt-à-teindre

100% merino • superwash • 100g raw unbleached skein • not defatted • not softened



  • Composition : 100% merino
  • Recommended needles : 5
  • Titration : 100g = 160m ±
  • Sweater Size 40 Woman : 7 skeins ±
  • Gauge 10cm x 10cm : 18 Stitches x 26 Rows
  • Conditioning : 100 g skein
  • Uses :
    Ready-to-dye yarn • 1/2 season yarn • Winter yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Weaving • Punch-needle • Tufting • Tapestry • Canvas
  • Type of Knitting : Worsted • Aran
  • Metric Number : 8 • 2 • 26.000
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Product Code : AUBU-100G
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Composed of 100% long and fine merino fibres (21 microns) which give it an exceptionally soft touch, the AUBUSSON prêt-à-teindre ("ready-to-dye") yarn is part of the yarn family NÉOUX prêt-à-teindre - GUÉRET prêt-à-teindre - AUBUSSON prêt-à-teindre - FELLETIN prêt-à-teindre (names of towns and villages in Creuse).

It is characterized by a double assembly of 8x2 strands, with a fairly strong twist and medium tension, which give it resistance, elasticity and bulk. Thanks to these characteristics, this fairly dense and thick yarn sculpts the shadows and the reliefs, and gives the works a marked graphic aspect which accentuates the patterns and the thicknesses. Presented in a 100g skein, it is knitted with # 5 needles. This same yarn is available in a dyed version in the AUBUSSON range, it is then offered in the form of a 50g ball, with a very wide range of colors. AUBUSSON prêt-à-teindre is machine washable at 30°, no spin; drying flat is recommended.

The 100g yarn skein of AUBUSSON prêt-à-teindre is proposed non-degreased, non-softened, non-vaporized. If you would like those processings to be carried out in addition, please contact us.

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In order to receive the latest color chart for the yarn AUBUSSON, please order the AUBUSSON COLOR CHART here.