ALPAGA NAT prêt-à-teindre

100% alpaca • natural colors • 100g raw unbleached skein • not defatted • not softened



  • Composition : 100% alpaca
  • Recommended needles : 3 • 3,5
  • Titration : 100g = 260m ±
  • Sweater Size 40 Woman : 5 skeins ±
  • Gauge 10cm x 10cm : 24 Stitches x 30 Rows
  • Conditioning : 100 g skein
  • Uses :
    Ready-to-dye yarn
    Winter yarn • Classical knitting • Knitting • Crochet • Tapestry • Canvas • Exotic fiber • Ecologic • Ethical • Treatment-free
  • Type of Knitting : Sport • DK
  • Metric Number : 3 • 7.800
  • Spinning Mode : Worsted yarn
  • Product Code : ALPN-100G
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This ALPAGA NAT prêt-à-teindre ("ready-to-dye") yarn is a natural off-white, just washed and softened, extremely soft, incredibly warm, which gives an exceptional feeling to the touch. Presented in a 100g skein, it is knitted with # 3 to 3.5 needles.

The Baby Alpaca fibres that make up this yarn come from selected farms in the Andean altiplano, Peru and Bolivia.

This yarn also exists in the ALPAGA NAT in the form of 50g balls in several natural colors. In this same 50g ball format, the dyed ALPAGA palette is available in a wide range of colors .

As with all wool spun from Alpaca fibres, your works should be washed by hand, in cold water, without rubbing, preferably with organic Marseille soap flakes. It is also recommended to rinse with clear and cold water, and to dry flat.

The 100g yarn skein of ALPAGA NAT prêt-à-teindre is proposed non-degreased, non-softened, non-vaporized. If you would like those processings to be carried out in addition, please contact us.

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In order to receive the latest color chart for the yarn ALPAGA NAT and ALPAGA, please order the ALPAGA COLOR CHART here.